Women's sneakers GEOX NEBULA S

Women's sneakers GEOX NEBULA S

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Opis proizvoda

Women's sneakers GEOX NEBULA S

Šifra proizvoda: GED829DAC4002

Iconic women’s trainers that are super-breathable, ultra-light, flexible and offer exceptional grip and superior performance. Perfect for around town, when off duty and even for work, these Nebula S trainers are a veritable concentration of extraordinary performance. Full breathability is provided by the 3D Breathing System that combines the Geox-patented Net Breathing System membrane with the 3D insole, providing an unprecedented feeling of well-being all day long. The stretch airmesh lining is exceptionally cushioning and features high frequency welded applications that improve air circulation around the foot, encouraging the natural expulsion of heat. The Nebula’s already exceptional grip has been boosted even further thanks to the 3D units that ensure perfect grip, even on smooth surfaces. The navy fabric and suede upper features mesh cut-outs that ensure outstanding flexibility, even on the hardest city surfaces, and has a contemporary, understated design that makes them incredibly versatile and easy to pair. The dynamic double fit also increases the comfort even further, which can be felt with every step.

Resulting from the fusion of a modern design with maximum comfort, Nebula represents the peak of GEOX technology.
Designed for travelling the world, perfect for any season, they naturally adapt to every movement of the foot. This is the perfect shoe for those who love to travel with style and personality, without compromising on comfort. Wearing them is like walking on a cloud.
The combination of the Net Breathing System and Inner Breathing System equips the shoe with 360° breathability, also thanks to the special lining that supports temperature regulation of the foot. Maximum flexibility, stability, comfort and grip are all guaranteed by the 3D Performance Unit, with a slip-on fit for easy wear.

Extra Breathable & Lightweight
Anti-Slip Outsole
Wide Fit
Double Fit
Removable Sole

Upper: 63% Leather, 37% Textile, Lining: 30% Synthetic, 70% Textile

Outsole: 100% Rubber, Insole: 30% Synthetic, 70% Textile


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